AROS meets Linux = AEROS

The main OS for Ares Computers... and the bigger rest of the world
Please check the AEROS Guide for a short overview and information

Click here to get the Guide as PDF

Q: How to Install AEROS?

A: please watch this youtube video

For the ARM- version you should read this post:
The Pi image boots automatic but you need to type startx. Make sure to type run „Xorg reconfigure“ and to edit xorg.conf to match your screen resolution.

Q: Does AEROS work only on your AresOne computers?
A: YES and No. It works on every HW supported by debian 6.0/7.0. But as it is optimized for AresOne customers it will need some manual adjustment to the drivers to make it working on non similar PC’s, especially Notebooks. (areszone is still under construction)

Q: How can I install virtualbox guest additions?
A: After Installation to the virtual HD just boot into AEROS. Than click in the virtualbox gui on „install guest additions“... BAM here whe go. That’s magic.

Q: What is correct? Broadway X or AEROS?
A: Broadway X is the hosted version of AROS Broadway (my native AROS distribution)
AEROS is a mix of debian 6.0 and Broadway X where AROS replaces the Linux desktopenvironment.

Q: What are the HW-requirements?
A: For the x86 version you will need a i686 compatible system with at least 512MB RAM (because of the cd live mode). After Installation it can work with 80MB.
For ARM you will need a ARMv6 compatible device like the Efika MX or the Raspberry Pi

Q: Do I need to download for each release a new ISO?
A: Nope.. I will offer updates via up2date. The first update packages will come as zip. Download, unzip, execute. -> This is because I released an older version of AEROS where the Linux/AROS updare mechanics where not ready.

Q: Could you make Linux and AROS apps looking the same way.
A: Yes.

Q: I heard about HOSTGL. What is it?
A: HostGL ... It allows to run 3D AROS apps accelerated through Linux drivers.
BTW power2people is the place to go if you have ideas and wishes for AROS... the next big feature is just a bounty away ; )

Q: How do i get network inside AROS running?
A: Please open xterm and type
cat /etc/resolv.conf

You will see two namerserver adresses.
Use them as primary and secondary DNS server in AROS Networks prefs.

After rebooting AROS you should have a working network inside AROS too.

Any further questions?
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