AROS meets Linux = AEROS

The main OS for Ares Computers... and the bigger rest of the world
AEROS features the following AROS applications:

SimpleMail, DOXBOX, OWB, Mplayer, AMC, Vice, Cinnamon Writer, JanusUAE, Protrekkr, HivelyTracker, AudioEvolution 4, Lookhere, Hfinder, DOPUS, Lunapaint, Lodepaint, SuperTuxKart, Quake, Doom, Aquario Screensaver, MarranoFTP, Scandal, NoWinED, FPSE, Virtualboy, Unarc, DukeNukem3D, Snapshooter, FrameScale, AviBuildAROS, ArosPDF, DryingPan, MUIbase, Weatherforecast, Zaphod. BigBand, HVL2wav, QuickCDRipper, Quickrecord, Bochs, Hatari, MAME, SCUMMVM, EUAE, ZuneARC, 1941 Extreme, Cube, LBreakout2, Opentyrian, SuperMethaneBros, XRick, AMIFIG, Grafx2, Jabberwocky, SabreMSN, VNC-Server, VNC, Wget, Arkuz, TXT2PDF, Quarantine(ClamAV in DOSBOX), MathX, OpenUniverse, ReCODE, Scout and many more

AEROS features the following Linux applications:
Wicd (network-settings)
Openoffice Impress
Chromium Browser

....... apt get „your favorite app“ will give you everything you like
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Since AEROS r3 the whole AROS Vision 68k distribution (done by Olaf Schönweiß) is included.. It comes with the following classic 68k Applications:
Samplemanager Personal Paint (c) Cloanto Simplefind BareED TuiTED Songplayer Eagleplayer + free Keyfile Hivelytracker Stormmesa-Demos Dosbox Simplemail YAM TKUnpacker VirusZ Winguide Ghostscript GrafX Antiword Apdf Aweb II Sgrab
Amiga Python 2.0 Amiblitz 3.5 PortablE Purebasic BREXX JForth M2 Amiga Oberon V4 Free Pascal Compiler Lua Amos Pro + Compiler
Added/integrated Amos Pro extensions:
A.G.E. (includes), Video here TOME AMCAF Turbo 1.9. Manuel Andre Personnal Intuition Andrew Church CRAFT MusicCraft JD intuiextend GUI P61
Added to CLI, Zune and/or Libraries:
32toFFP ADPCM_dec ADPCM_enc AKCC asyncio library aw2m aw2sv awm2m bgui library boards library bonc_enc breakman Bzip2 CheckX Classact codesets library configfile library DosPrefs easyaudio library Executive + free Keyfile expat library feelin library ffmpeg/ffplay filex flac FreeDB Freetype2 library graphics3d library gtlayout library Guigfx library gzip help identify library ixemul library jpeg library lame lha lhasfx LZX + free Keyfile ma2s magicasl meshwriter library mhimdev library mofifyle library mp3tosv mpega library (=Mpega Libmad) mtool library MUIUnarc NoCybergraphX triton library p7zip pgp library playgsf playOGG popupmenu library pngtool Preferences library (Scalos) Ptplay library Pubfiction Random-Handler Regex library remote library render library rexxtricks library screennotify library sndfile library sox Stormmesa TGZ Touch triton library tritonrexx library ttengine library + Manager ttf library + Manager Type1 library + Manager Unarj Unrar Untgz Unzip Vorbistools Warp3D library (=Wazp3D) WBStart library Wizard library Xadmaster library + free Keyfile Xfdmaster library XPK XVS library Zlib library
Added Zune (=.mcc)
Betterstring Bwin Guigfx HTMLView Lamp MiniMailer MysticView NList Popplaceholder Popdevice Pophotkey Popport Popposition Poptask CompactWindow TearOffBay TearOffPanel TextEditor Textinput Textinputscroll TheBar TheBarVirt TheButton Toolbar Urltext
Added CLI-Commands:
bin2iso bincomp bnrip byteshuf byteswap cdpatch ecm fakecrc id3point rels screamf subfile uips usfs vb2rip wordadd zerofill common compare concat count dirtree find head lower Prepare Split Splitname Tee testbits Timecom Unique Usage Tree cmp comm compute convert cut date dc extract file find fold head ln newform nl paste strings tail tee test tr wc b_sort diff head s_sort sort
AmiChess Barrage Bomber Convey CxHextris Dangen Defendguin EggChess Entombed GemDropX Inv Kiel Komi LazyMines LMarbles LTris Moon-Lander MUIMine Netrok NewmasterMind Oilwar Pegs Pentago PrimatePlung Sand SDLLopan Sdltoms Spout TeeterTorture TTT TwinDistress Vecteroids XPired Yahzee Zombies
1.2. gtdrag.library ignition ixnet library XiPaint TV-Paint GrafX2 Snoopdos
A lot of new CLI-Commands including support for public screens DOpus4 Creative (Amiga-E) Dice PowerD Frying Pan (untested) MUIBase midi.library
Starship (Demo) Cmanager
PC-Task Basilisk II Ami-CPC AmiGameboy AmiPCEngine AmiSNESE Anes Pro V2600 Vice FPSE
1.5. (Final Version)
New Shortcuts Hatari newest Version of LUA Pachi (Game)
Newest version of Rom Netsurf ALT-I Update Wazp3D New Shortcuts
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